May 1, 2018

Low-Budget Kids Playroom Makeover

Last week we revealed the closet makeover we tackled in 24 hours, and you guys were so encouraging. It was our first spring makeover and our first time renovating someone else's space. I started planning the space #2 for our Spring Makeovers as soon as I saw the before picture back in February! This kid's playroom was just begging to be transformed into a space for this baby girl where she could grow and foster her imagination. It also gave me an excuse to play with using colors, since I tend to be drawn more towards neutrals. Although, I still chose white walls as the perfect canvas to display toys, books, and can grow with her. With a $150 budget goal, we started to get to work!

Here's a quick reminder of the playroom befores! You can see we minimized the studs that have begun to show through the drywall.

I trolled the Facebook Marketplace for weeks before I found this perfect 8'x10' rug for $50... yes, $50! Don't be afraid to look in all the places for that perfect piece!

My favorite part of this makeover was building the console for the tv and toys. With a trip to Home Depot for wood, I built this guy in a few afternoons for $50. Even if she breaks it or draws on it with sharpies, it was only $50.

I also built this book ledge to go over the console where her books can be displayed for the art they are. The ledge only cost $5 in wood (super budget-friendly!).

Possibly the cutest part of the room: the unicorn head. Normally $20 at Target, but I swiped it off the sale shelf for $10!

 A bean bag and a cozy blanket make for some great morning cartoons.

Building the craft paper roll was one of the DIY''s I looked forward to the most because I've been eyeing Yellow Brick Home's tutorial for a few years. And it turned out awesome!

The last DIY was the book shelves. There's not much to them, just 12" boards sitting on metal brackets.

JK, this is the last DIY. With $5 of wooden dowels and an scrap piece of wood, we created a dress up rack where all the dress-up clothes and tiaras can live.

Perhaps THE coolest lamp in the land - available in a ton of colors and it is a touch light. Meaning you touch its base or pole to turn it on. Baby girl loved she could do it all on her own.

One of my favorite songs that my grandmother still sings to me to this day.

Target $1 spot comes in handy once more with these beautiful rose mirrors.

Plant: Creeping Jenny

This was a fun one! And it makes me so happy that baby girl loves spending time in there. Playrooms are officially one of my favorite spaces now. We barely spent more than their $150 budget, including the rug - so this is a big win for all us budget people.

Thursday will be Week 5 of the One Room Challenge and hopefully we'll have the vertical board and batten finished by then. 

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  1. Could you provide some details on how you made your book ledge and how much weight it holds? I bought ones that look similar for my daughters playroom but with the weight of the books and her occasional gentle lean on the shelves, they have broken. I would love to be able to DIY some instead of spending another 25$ per shelf. Thanks for all the inspiration you provide on your blog!


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