April 18, 2018

One Room Challenge | Week 3: Making a Hard Wired Sconce into a Plug-In

Everyone participating in the One Room Challenge during week 3 starts to paint, install, construct their rooms, whereas I always drag my feet. I have tons of ideas and are usually hesitant to start something that will completely change the room - thus, my last minute decision on doing board and batten on my Stories. So in lieu of a super room transforming post (hopefully that'll be next week), I rewired this swing arm sconce I bought last year. Living in a house built in the 60's has is advantages, but good wiring is not one of them. Instead of messing with hardwiring this guy to the wall, I decided to turn it into a plug-in with an in line switch. By not hard wiring guests won't have to get out of bed to turn the light off, the switch will be right next to them. Now let's show you how I did it!

Week 1: The Befores
Week 2: The Mood Board & Plans

1. Supplies. All these things only cost a few dollars each (minus the light of course).

2. Spray paint. First, you'll need to spray paint your cord whatever color your light is. Or if you really want it to disappear into the wall use your wall color. I didn't get a picture of this, but I think you know how to spray paint something.

3. Cut-off socket. Since you're connecting this to a hard-wired light, you'll need to chop off the socket. Grab your wire cutters and cut that baby off as close to the socket as possible.

4. Strip the wire. Next, grab your strippers and strip about 1/2" off. Then put your clothes back on and do it on the cord to expose the copper wires

5. Connect wires. Using your plastic wire connectors, screw the wires together. If you're an electrical newbie, generally the black wire is the live wire and the white is the neutral wire. On the cord you will see that one of the wires has a ribbed edge and one is smooth. Connect the ribbed wire to the live black wire and the smooth wire to the white neutral wire.

6. Double check. Now plug that baby in! Make sure it works before you mount it on the wall.

Also, one outtake for the road. That light was way heavier to hold 2 feet away from your body than it looks. As you can tell, I struggled - gotta work on those biceps.

This next week, I'm going to attempt to board & batten the walls in a way I haven't seen before - I just have a picture in my mind. So stay tuned to see if it makes or breaks the room.

I know I say this every time, but as always, check out the other ORC Guest Participants on the ORC website!


  1. It looks great— well done! We are doing plug in sconces in our master!

    1. Thanks! Awesome! Can't wait to do our master too.


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