August 31, 2017

Low Cost, High Quality Oversized Rug Option

The living room is supposed to be the most comfortable and homey room in the house, and a few weeks ago ours was far from it. We had old ugly rugs and carpet remnants to put the sofas on and no where to put the television - it was not pretty or functional. In June, we got the bamboo blinds which put us on the road to making our space better. 

If you've ever had leftover carpet, you know that you don't want to waste an inch of it because it is flippin expensive. So when my grandparents replaced they're almost perfect carpet, we grabbed a few scraps to have bound into rugs. Most local carpet places will bind remnants for you by the foot, ours ended up being about $150 for 4 big rugs. While I was picking up the finished rugs, I perused the other carpet remnants they had and OH if I didn't hit the jackpot.

Before our small refresh, this room was not somewhere we spent our time, for obvious reasons. After 8 months of living here, I just had to change something. 

The living room is about 12'x17' and it is 100% hard wood floors so no rug was not an option. A 10'x14' would cost anywhere from the mid-hundreds up to thousands of dollars and being newlyweds we just couldn't afford that. As I was looking through the carpet remnants, I saw this gorgeous 10'x15' white, medium pile carpet. No way I could afford this, but I scan down to the price tag... $110. Yes, I repeat, an affordable, high quality, big rug for only $100.  

I snagged these curtain rods from Target and made these curtains from $20 drop cloths from Home Depot. The coffee table is a hand-me-down from my grandparents which actually used to be part of my great-grandparent's bed frame.

That is just a quick refresh we did to make our living room more comfortable and welcoming. We still have a long way to go, but this just shows how much a rug and some curtains can totally change the feel of a space.

Check back next Wednesday as we start our second round of the $100 Room Challenge. I'm debating between two completely different spaces and might ask you for your opinion, so stay tuned!


  1. Wow you have decorated your living room so well by using not so expensive items. I really like the idea of yours for decorating the home like that in lesser penny. Thanks for the guidance.


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