November 29, 2017

Ultimate Gift Guide 2017 (140+ Gift Ideas)

Can you believe it's the gift buying season already!? I always struggle with buying gifts for people because I don't believe that is what this holiday is about, but as a natural gift giver love language I love for people to feel special by way of my gifts. This post is a round-up of general gift ideas the people in your life might enjoy, but don't be afraid to branch out and get personal! I always try to get people things that have that special "I really thought about you" touch, but that's not for everyone - and that's where this guide comes in handy.

So no matter what side of the fence you are, here are 140+ ideas for every budget and type of person you know. Things will sell out fast so grab them while they're hot!

Here it is!

Hover over the catalog and click to "Open", then shop the images till your heart's content! (p.s it's mobile friendly)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday's friends! I am going to try to make the most out of this holiday season and take the time to really appreciate my friends and family, and of course you guys. All the heart emojis are made for you guys.

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