February 2, 2021

$100 Room Challenge | Week 4: Kid's Playroom Reveal

 Whew I'm flying in at the last second with this challenge! I have about 2 more hours left before it is officially over but I can finally say the playroom is finished! $100 and every second of one month and we have a completely transformed used-to-be bedroom.

I am very partial to white walls, but I'm really happy I stepped out of my comfort zone and painted the mural. It was inspired by Jenna Sue's playroom plus Ashley's mural tutorial. One slight tweak though was because my projector was too small I actually ended up free handing it. It took longer than the projector would have but definitely worth it (you can check out Week 2's post all about the mural). It was blank and lifeless and the mural really just brings the joy into the space, highlighted by his toy shelf.

One of the biggest uses of space is our Nugget cushions we got for Christmas. They are so much fun already and make for a soft space for me to sit while baby is playing. On this wall I also added his movement area that includes a mirror with a bar for him to pull up on and learn to walk. 

He already loves to endlessly flip pages of his books so I know this reading corner is going to see so much use. I hung them at a low level where he can get to them, it also doubles as something sturdy for him to pull up on. These are from Ikea and we love them.

The wall on the right when you come in is the future murphy bed wall so I put a temporary little baby photo gallery wall up.

We got a new rug for the baby's room so I moved his old one in here to lighten the room up. Shopping your house really is the best way to change things up!

It was a pain to find a way to hang the mirror in some studs so it couldn't be ripped down, and I finally found a solution with these slide-in holders. Then I painted some faux-looking black brackets with plain acrylic paint.

One of my favorite places to find art and photographs us Unsplash. It is completely free (as long as you use them for personal use) and they have everything under the sun. 

Budget Used

Paint - $60
(2) Frames - $24

TOTAL: $84 (finalyyyyyy under budget!)

Already Had

8x10 Rug
Circular Rug
Ikea Shelves
Toy Shelf
MontiKids Toys
Radio Flyer Walker Wagon
Nugget Comfort Cushions
Mirror (vintage)
Dowel & Supports
Square Pour


That was a longggg month! The mural may have gone on forever but sitting in there and seeing the baby play in front of it while the sun hits it just right is magic.

I may be screeching in on two wheels for this reveal but there are still so many great ones that you need to check out!

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  1. That mural is EVERYTHING! I know it took you forever but my vote is it was worth it. And I love the book shelf and artwork. What a magical space!

  2. It's amazing! So cool that you already had almost everything. But seriously, what a great job on that mural, it does bring so much warmth to a clean and simple room. Perfect touch.

  3. I am in awe of that mural. I cannot believe you freehanded that! Everything else in the space is so calm (just what we want for our little ones, right?) I love the mirror with the bar for practice in pulling up and walking. The reading nook is adorable, and it will be so nice when you get the murphy bed in there for guest. Gorgeous space! Thank you so much for participating in another round of the challenge. I always LOVE seeing what you do!


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