March 1, 2021

Refreshing Our Mid-Century Modern Minimal Bedroom with AllModern

 This post is sponsored by AllModern.

Our bedroom is officially refreshed! I partnered with AllModern to give our bedroom a clean and modern refresh just in time for the spring weather that is starting to roll in, and dare I say, it's even better than my first go at this room! I still wanted to keep the mid-century modern style but bring it more on the neutral side of things.

My main goal with this refresh was to create a calm and tranquil space where we could unwind and I could quickly tidy up and feel serene. When I did the first update I stepped out of my comfort zone and got a really loud rug. It was great and everyone loved it, but after three years I felt like I had outgrown it.  Switching to a neutral rug really changed the entire room's vibe, and it's so much more me

The next area I knew would make a big impact was changing up the bedside lighting. I've long admired the minimal and modern pendant look but I have never been able to find the perfect ones for our room. Coming across these pendants gave me the perfect opportunity to try something new. The leather detailing and matter black shades fit in seamlessly to my modern and serene vision. I modified them to be a plug in instead of hard wired so I wouldn't have to run new electrical boxes to each side. Plus it gave me the chance to incorporate some exposed cord that I've been ogling everywhere.

I have never had a duvet before, but after sleeping with this one for a few nights, I'm hooked. It's soft and warm but still light and fluffy. It took me a while to stuff it and get all the wrinkles out but once I did it floated right onto the bed like it belonged there. The pin stripes were my step out of the box moment and it really paid off, they're the unsung hero of this refresh. Pair it with the softest blanket and you have a comfy place to unwind at the end of the day.

I wanted to do a DIY art piece and when I saw Leanne Ford's instagram post on her living room I knew it was the one(s). All it took was some canvas drop cloths, some paint from Walmart, and a little stitch on the sewing machine.

The nightstands and work lamp are both vintage from my grandparents so sorry I don't have links for them. 

Two Towers is the best, don't at me Auston (he likes Return of the King).

It was the refresh I didn't know I really needed. After focusing so much of my time and energy into the little man and creating spaces for him it was nice to take a minute and spend some hours making our space a little more comfortable. Do you have any spaces that may have been neglected for a while and need some TLC?


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