February 3, 2022

We're Moving!! (Just Across Town...)

 If you would have told me that we would buy a house, sell our current house, and move within a month with a two month old and 21 month old I would have said you were crazy. But here we are, closed on a new house and listing our old house. It's just across town but it's double the size and has a huge open downstairs. It was built in 2000 so I won't have to worry about old house problems.

I have so many plans for this new house but it is already 100 times better than where we started with our last house. The only thing we'll do before we move in is paint the walls and change some faucets out.

The upstairs has all the bedrooms, the kitchen, dining, and a living room.

The kitchen has more counter space than our old house but is skinnier, so we'll have to get creative to make it feel more spacious.

The kitchen connects to the garage and has a closet for the washer and dryer.

The master is huge and has a giant window and a vaulted ceiling. The bathroom needs a lot of work but has a nice layout for the small amount of space. It has a huge walk in closet that I don't think we'll ever fill up with clothes.

The two other bedrooms are across the living room and are perfectly simple for the boys. They have a bathroom in between them that they will share.

And for the best part, the reason I was willing to sell my soul for this house... the downstairs. It is basically just one big open finished space. It has a temporary wall in the middle of it but I'm already planning on popping it down as soon as we can. It has a bar with a sink, and we'll probably add a fridge.

There is no shed, but there is a nice sized garage with a lot of storage that I can use for all my tools.

Finally one of my favorite selling points was the woods behind the backyard. While I still have plans o improve the yard, I can forsee all the memories we'll make playing in the trees.

I can see so much potential in this house. So many memories to be made, and I can't wait to get started. Head to my Insta stories to see a walk through.


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