May 1, 2019

One Room Challenge | Week 5: Fan & Finished Closet

There should be a word or a phrase that describes how times moves faster the closet you get to a deadline. We're in week 5 of the One Room Challenge and everyone is feeling the crunch. We had out of town visitors last week/weekend (and obviously I have to spend every waking moment with my baby nephew because he's my buddy) so I only got a few of the things I had planned done. If you've missed the previous weeks posts you can catch up below.

Week 1: Befores & Plans
Week 2: Prep & Mood Board
Week 3: Final Paint Color
Week 4: Installed Closet

I thought I'd have it in the budget to replace the fan this go around, but I put it towards the bedding. Instead, I switched out the shade from a pointy oblong milk glass to a regular globe. It was $10 from Home Depot and very worth it to get at least a little more modern feel on the ceiling. (Still need to paint the screw though...)

I shared a sneak peek of some of the products I bought this week on my stories but wanted to share at least part of the rug here. I had a moment of hesitation when I bought it because I had never gone dark with a rug, but you guys it's amazing. 

Even though most of this week I accumulated products and shopped for more stuff, I did get the closet completely done. I painted the bottoms of the shelves and rods, secured them to the brackets, and caulked all the edges.

Caulk isn't really necessary, but to me it makes it feel more built in and even if I just catch a glimpse of it every now and then it'll be worth it. 

Next week is REVEAL WEEK. And I'm out of town this weekend so it's going to be a close finish this year. There's not much more I can share without spoiling the surprise reveal and it's really hard. Please spread the love to the other guest participants (there are over 300!). 

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