April 17, 2019

One Room Challenge | Week 3: Final Paint Color

Last week was WayDay and I mentioned that I took advantage of the sale and scooped up the rug and leather desk chair. Yesterday (Wednesday) the FedEx guy showed up at my door and delivered the chair. I'm hoping by the time you read this post he will have returned with the rug. Also this past week I was able to prime the walls (more on why I primed below) and put up the final color.

Week 1: Befores
Week 2: Prep & Mood Board

The fake-leather was so much better than I thought it would be. I was hesitant when buying a $100 leather chair because it might be too fake or cheap looking. But the product photos looked really good and had awesome reviews. It was early enough in this challenge that I had time to find another chair if this one didn't work out - luckily, it is the softest, slightly worn pleather.

I used the same color I used in the master bedroom - Behr Snow Fall increased by 100%. Snow Fall is a pure white with a dash of Umber, so by increasing it by 100% it added a hint of more warmth to these back rooms that only get sun from 3-5pm because of the trees.

I ended up putting up a coat of Killz primer. On my stories some people asked why I used a primer and not just a paint with primer already in it. Well, for a few reasons. One, because I had a half gallon of Killz that had been sitting in the tool closet for a while and needed to be used or it would start getting gross. Two, because I was putting up a white, I didn't want any of the warm-gray from the SW Repose Gray showing through. The Behr paint I get from Home Depot is a paint/primer combo, but I'd rather use the primer and be sure there was no color distortion than get it up and have to go over it three times. 

This room only took two coats of paint. I could have gotten away with one coat, but it was such a small space I just used the rest of the gallon and put it up. 

I saw a really beautiful photo on Instagram and it made me think about painting the windows (not the frame) black. I think I need to get all the elements in the room before I do that since it will only be a handy paint pail and a brush. Do you guys like the high contrast white walls with black windows?

We also decided to take out this big type writer desk. I could configure the room to fit it, but we talked about the next few years and don't really see us using it any more than we do. Right now I just use it for making movies or doing graphic design. So it's off to storage for this restored antique typewriter.

Yes, I paint around things. 

Whew I love a good white closet. This weekend I'll get a system set up and this room will start coming together.

Week 4 is when the heat starts getting turned up and people really start getting after it. Pop on to the ORC website to connect with the other guest participants.


  1. I think the black on white contrast would be gorgeous! Can't wait to see it all together.

  2. I love dark painted windows. For some reason it draws your eye more to the outside than a white window frame does, and that makes the room feel larger.

  3. I love the idea of a black frame too!


  4. I think the black window contrast would be amazing! I'm so excited to see your faux leather chair and the whole thing!! Getting so close!!


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