April 10, 2019

One Room Challenge | Week 2: Prep & Mood Board

Same old same old over here for Week 2 of the One Room Challenge. I did a lot of thinking on which direction to take the space. I started prepping the room to paint and moved most everything out of it. The biggest feat I accomplished was cranking out a mood board. I would bet one million dollars that it's going to change before the end of the 6 weeks, but hey it's a good start.

If you missed the Week 1 befores (you're honestly not missing anything but a messy room), you can look at them till your heart's content. If you're still reading and still confused about what the One Room Challenge is, take 5 minutes to puruse their website... then come check out this mood baord.

I prepped the walls -- meaning I caulked, spackled, and edged with primer. One coat of primer will be the perfect background to put up the pretty Snow Fall white this weekend.

Not a lot of actual progress in the room, but I did flesh out more of the direction I think this space will go. Kind of modern with earthy, light wood tones. I normally opt for a light/white/cream rug, but this time I'm feeling a good rich black, textured one.

Wait... this looks like something I've seen before. One of my favorite spaces by Dan Mazarinni! This is a first for me - finishing my mood board then finding my inspiration photo. But oh man if Dan isn't one of my favorite modern designers. This photo reinforces the vision I have and makes me excited as I press the "Complete Order" on the rug and chair.

I seriously need you guys to suggest a typical copy/paste sentence on how to close out these ORC posts. You know to go read the other guest participants and you know to go visit the featured participants. Sooooo thank you in advance -- be sure to keep an eye on Instagram since that's where I share all the progress, behind the scenes, and the inevitable screw ups.


  1. #23!! Tell me I'm not the only one that is enjoying figuring out how to get my link in the top 10 as much as I'm enjoying (not currently) working on my room? You got way more done than I did this week! Loving the mood board direction - that tufted leather chair is giving me all the heart eyes.

    Kayla aka Kilo Bravo

    1. Haha I feel ya!! Eek, I feel like I got nothing done this week, but usually Week 2's are my thinking week. Ahhh it's so good right?!

  2. I can't wait to see how this space comes together you guys! I love your design board and inspiration. If anyone can pull this off it's you. Cheering you on as we enter Week 3! Hugs, CoCo


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