April 24, 2019

One Room Challenge | Week 4: Installed Closet

The fourth week of the One Room Challenge has come and gone and I am one (tiny) step closer to a finished room. Since I took the photos on Monday, I've completely finished painting the shelves and rods, but in this post some of them are still unpainted.

I grabbed a 12x6 common board, two wooden dowels, and 4 closet brackets from Home Depot to make a simple closet. It took about 5 minutes to take the measurements and make the cuts, and about the same to install them. It's a very simple process and something you can do even if you only have a hand saw and a drill.

You guys helped me decided to go completely white with the shelves and dowels. It seems really white right now, but once I put my clothes in I know they're going to stand out.

As long as you screw these babies into a stud, you really can't mess them up.

Andddd that's all for this week! Products I ordered have started to roll in and now that the closet is done I can start putting the room back together. This next week I need to work on the DIY art and vase, and find the right bedding. How is your challenge going?! Drop a comment and then go check out the other participants


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