October 9, 2017

Quick Closet Refresh & Shoe Storage Option

A functional and efficient closet system can make all the difference in how you feel about and live out of your closet. In February we refreshed the guest bedroom closet, where I keep my clothes, and added a custom shelving unit because it had little function. Almost mirroring that guest closet is the master bedroom closet which Auston uses. When we moved in it was a single rod with one shelf that did not look good but it definitely didn't give a lot of usable space. We installed two rods with brackets and stained some planks to set on top. But where do the shoes go you ask?

On the floor. That's where they went. Obviously that was not working and was a huge eye sore. This project also gave me the excuse to unpack all of his fall/winter clothes which filled out the rest of his closet.  

I followed the same steps as the guest bedroom shelves but with the sizes that fit this space. During Target's Labor Day sale, we were able to get this mid-century dresser for 30% off. It is the perfect size and give Auston a place to store all his folded stuff, which where the heck was he keeping them before?! Not quite sure, but I know that this dresser fills the void.

A pretty simple fix to make your closet a little more functional. The shoe organizer cost $15 in lumber and took about an hour to make. I'm not a super builder you guys, so I know you can take measurements, make cuts, and screw it together! I love getting your emails and messages about the project you take on - so keep sharing!

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