January 9, 2017

6 Projects We Want to Get Done in 2017

Welcome back! Over the holidays I really wanted to focus on relaxing and spending time with my family, so we haven't had a post in a few weeks. But we're back and today we're dishing about the projects we want to crank out in 2017. One thing to know about us is that we're not big on making New Years resolutions. I can't speak for Auston, but I think that if you really want to change something about yourself or your habits, you can start today. you don't have to wait until New Years, until the Spring, or tomorrow to start your on your goals. That being said, we do have some things we want to get accomplished in the coming year! We know there will be a million other things we will probably get to, but here are the big ones.

1. Finish the kitchen.

2016 saw our big kitchen reveal and it still looks awesome. Before it is actually closer to finished, we still have to tile the backsplash and make the storage space above the new cabinets. I also have to move some things around in the cabinets to make more sense.

2. Laundry room.

The current laundry room situation is this plus a few pieces of sheetrock. A few months ago we had to replace some pipes because of the big leak, so we tore down the old gross walls and put nice new walls.  I had a mini freak out and sketched out some plans because I hadn't thought about that space at all! The sketches gave me some peace but now we've gotta start thinking about really finishing the space off and getting it functional.

3. Office.

The office is a totally untouched space. Right now it is where we keep everything we haven't unpacked and things we don't have a place for yet. Endless possibilities, and very daunting.

4. Master bed room.

In our room we really just need to decorate. Get some real side tables, some pretty table lamps, and finish my dresser.

5. Full bathroom.

Again, not much to do in this room but decorate. I want to hang the circle mirror and the lighting, but other than that we just need to hang some art, replace the lighting, and repaint the walls.

6. Half bathroom.

This is the one space that needs a total  redo. The floor is starting to bow under the toilet, the flooring is from the 70's, and there is plastic faux tile on the walls. We need to figure out some storage solutions to go above the toilet since the full bathroom doesn't have much. This is the one room that I think I can splurge on because it is so small and there are only a few things that we need to change, but I have been going Pinterest crazy on this space.

Now there will probably be a 7 and 8 and 9, because you know things come up. We're also hoping to do some reader renovations and designs, and help with some other projects. I know you New Years resoluntion junkies are out there! What are they?! One of my friends is to engage in life more, and leave the phone behind as much as possible. Pretty solid.

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