October 24, 2016

Before and After: The Full Kitchen Remodel Reveal!

It's been 13 weeks exactly since we did the first update to the kitchen by installing new cabinets on the once cabinet-less wall. And you guys, it has been a dramatic and long time coming. You can look through the entire kitchen timeline and see step by step how we got to this place. We still have a handful of ideas that we'd like to add to make the space more functional, like adding cabinets above the fridge and a storage/display system above the right side cabinets, and the backsplash(!). But for right now, we are incredibly happy with where our hard work got us. Our house was about as gross as it gets when we first bought it. The walls were yellow from smokers and the vinyl floor was sticky like duct tape. It took us 13 weeks to get here (including alot of work elsewhere in the house, but that's reality), meaning that it's a process. Don't go through these pictures and think you could never turn your kitchen around into a space that you really love. Life's too short to not be happy in a space where you spend a great deal of your time. With that in mind, see our transformed kitchen!

Here's just a refresher in case you forgot how ugly and non functional this place was before, a shot of the same space from the same angle. It's hard to imagine how sticky this place was and how clean it feels now. The thing that makes the biggest difference in visually looking bigger is the white flooring and the light gray walls. I'm glad we chose to stick with the black appliances we had because it grounds the cabinets and makes it seem full. Check out how we DIY'ed this black fridge from our existing almond colored one, spoiler: it took 2 days and $16.


Sources: Sink | Cabinet Hardware - Pulls, Knobs, Hinges |  Counter top | Lower cabinet paint | Upper cabinet paint | Faucet | Pendant | Cabinets - Stock unfinished cabinets from Lowes | Vinyl tile floor | Rug | Clock   | Track light


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