January 18, 2017

Guest Room/Closet Mood Board

We've already had our first guests stay in the guest room over the holidays! Although the room wasn't in perfect shape, it was cozy and sleepable. But now that we're less busy and have gotten through the Christmas budget (right?!), I can finally get around to decorating it. This room is sort of odd because it functions as the guest and my closet. The house so far is very neutral grey, black, and whites, so I wanted this room to have a bit of color in it. Earth tones immediately came into my mind and I knew this is somewhere I could incorporate a color palette I've been loving: forest green, warm browns, and dusty pink. I'm thinking cabin meets mid-century modern. 

1. Wyatt Swing Sconce. Soo pretty. The only downside is I've never loved the exposed cord dangling. This sconce is the only one that I think I would like with the cord, but I'm also going back and forth between this swinging arm one, this double arm one, or this extendable one. The extendable one is so unique and pretty, combining the black and brass.

2. Fern Prints. I picked these up at Ikea a few months ago. Of course I went there planning on getting furniture and came out with a million other things, but that's just how Ikea works.

3. Matte Black Ceiling Fan. We already have a fan for this room that we DIY'ed matte black, but this one from Home Depot has been catching my in case we ever need to replace one. It is impossible to live in Georgia and not have a fan in your room, if you don't want to run you air bill up. Until we have the budget to put can lights in, we will stick with the light kit.

4. Green Velvet Pillow. This pillow is a combination of two things I'm loving right now: velvet and forrest green. All the 2017 trend projects say that green is going to be the color star of the year and I ain't even mad.  I gravitate towards the earth tones and this pillow is just perfect.

 5. Platform Bed. I got this PBTeen bed back when I was in 7th grade or so. It is still the most comfortable bed I've ever slept in and I can't wait to incorporate it in this room. It has removable wood slats which those pillows slide onto to create a headboard of sorts. Right now we only have the two on the back in so the bed is accessible from both sides. The only tweak I need to make is those pillows, mine are hot pink. I used to be so into color that I thought I would never like neutrals! So I've bought some pretty tan fabric and am going to wrap those pink bad boys up.

6. Round Mirror. I grabbed this brass mirror from Target a few weeks ago, knowing that becuase it was so pretty (and cheap) it would go fast. Mirrors are so dang expensive! Especially when you get into shapes other than rectangles. This one is at Target for only $50, which may sound like alot, but in the mirror world it's cheap. The cheapness doesn't mean that it's cheaply made though. It's actually quite heavy and large.

7. Camel Cotton Blanket. Another great find from the WalleyWorld. This blanket is lightweight and soft, perfect for those spring nights. 

8. Leather Oblong Throw Pillow. Again with the lumbar pillows, I know. But this faux leather one was just begging me to bring it home.

9. Dusty Rose Oblong Throw Pillow. I might have a small obsession with lumbar pillows. I find them so useful and they always come in pretty patterns. I got this fur one a few months ago and literally use it every day. This dusty rose one had a velvety texture and is the perfect pink to bring a small dose of color into the room.

10. Ticking Stripe Sheet Set. The dreamiest sheets ever! The pattern is so beautifully simple while still bringing a bit of pattern in. 

11. "Gentle Tempest" Art Print. Man do I love me some oil cloud scenes. They are my favorite to paint and are so whimsical. This Minted one is very pretty, but I'm sure I'll end up painting one on my own for the space since I haven't painted in a while. 

12. Tufted Dot Coverlet. This white coverlet brings the best texture in, turfted dots. It is on the more expensive side so I might end up shopping around, but this is the ideal one.

13. Antlers (similar McGee & Co.). I actually got these from my grandparents who have had a antique shop in the past. The McGee&Co. ones look incredibly similar! They bring a natural element to the room and are just great all around.

14. Faux fawn fur throw from Wal-Mart Better Homes&Garden. I snatched this particular one up at Wal-Mart before Christmas and can not find it online anywhere! 

I am seriously excited about how this room is coming together. Since it is partly my closet, I feel like it is the one room I can completely do something different than I would in another space. Hope everyone has a good Hump Day!

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