November 4, 2016

Favorite Finds for Early November

I can't believe it's already November and we've been in our house for a 3 weeks! It seems like every day I have something to do after work and every weekend we're out, so I haven't gotten as much unpacked as I would like, but all in good time I guess. Our kitchen reveal went great and we love living in it. Keeping the shelves styled really isn't so bad, but Emily Henderson did a great video in the kitchen she just remodeled about how to style those open shelves and keep them looking great. 

On to other fun things for this week! Here are a few cute products that I've come across through the week as I look at things for the house. I am really itching to have a neon sign. I would probably put it in the guest room where I put my clothes and things to get ready. This white "Seize the Day" one is way too expensive for me, but I'll keep looking for a cute and less expensive one. The Voluspa candles are always amazing smelling, but this Burbon Vanilla one just sounds magical. I was browsing through Target the other day and saw these beautiful over the knee boots. I've been looking for a good flat boot to wear with dresses (and other things) this winter. You guys probably don't find the Floppy Disk art as cool as I do, but the inner geek in me is trying to find somewhere to put it in my house.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! We're headed on trip to Asheville so my SnapChat (@jonesvilleblog) will be filled with fun things.

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