November 10, 2016

The One Room Challenge: The Reveals and My Bracket

For those of you who don't know, the One Room Challenge is a home renovation challenge for all bloggers that happens twice a year. Every season, the girl who runs the operation asks 20 bloggers to completely renovate one room, in real time, in 6 weeks. You can also be a Guest Participant by linking your posts on social media. I found out about this because one of my favorite blogs, Chris Loves Julia, was asked to be a participant for the first time. On their Podcast 6 weeks ago, they talked about how they should make a bracket for the Challenge. Obviously, this Challenge is not focused on winning and losing, but rather on making beautiful spaces. But after the first posts came about the spaces the bloggers were going to do and their mood boards, I made a bracket - for fun of course.

This has been one of the most fun aspects of the home DIY world I've found yet. Everything is filled with encouragement and inspiration even though there is a wide range of design styles. Yesterday was the last day of the 6 weeks - time for all the reveal posts! So I rounded up my 5 favorites out of the 20 and some reasons why they spoke to me/inspire me. Not necessarily the "best" because that is subjective, but the ones that aligned with my design style the most.

Chris Loves Julia. These guys weren't my favorite simply because they are my design soul mates, but because they created a space that was totally for kids and yet still had a stylish design. They turned their guest room into a room for their two daughters with these built in bunk beds and a reading nook, complete with a pink, green, gold, and black color palette. This inspires me because it shows that you don't have to sacrifice form for function, there is a perfect way to marry them.

Place of My Taste. Ugh, I love this one so much. Partially because it is my personal style but alot because it is my current bathroom situation: mid-century modern. The black and white are a great classic look but it is really the wood tones that set the space off. This whole post gives me inspiration for our full bathroom that is covered in black and white tile, I just have to figure out how to incorporate some wood. I love the clean lines and geometric shapes she introduces at different eye heights, it all just works together smoothly even though there is a lot going on. I'm currently on the hunt for a round mirror that doesn't have a big edge, and this one is looking pretty snazzy to me. They installed the custom built faux beam that holds the recessed lighting - a great way to have cans without drilling into the ceiling. So much love for this space.

Megan Pflug. Megan's space was something that I wasn't expecting. In her initial mood board, I thought that the design wasn't my style. But seeing her reveal pictures quickly changed my mind - mostly because it is a style that I love, but am too afraid to try. It is very boho and dark, which is different than most blog's idea of a "good" picture. It's very moody and comfy looking at the same time. Her reveal challenges me to think about different way to take pictures of spaces and to decorate with my style, not someone elses. Great reveal and well done Megan.

Marcus Design. Another one of my favorites, Marcus Design kills it again. I might be partial to this because I love bathroom makeovers, partly because you can get away with extremely airy spaces (LOTS of white/texture). I love ginergars with the delft blue designs and the marble hex tile just brings an earthyness in which compliments the stark white walls.Claw foot tubs are one of the most beautiful things to me, I love taking baths especially in the winter. They also do a great job mixing chrome and brass, something I'm going to try to accomplish in our full bath soon.

The Makerista. Gwen has a very unique and colorful style and I'm more of a neutral cool color person, but her nursery/sitting room/office turned out incredible. I'm also partial to her because she follows me on SnapChat, but that doesn't affect how great her space turned out. She went bold with the wallpaper and pink chairs, and somehow she ended up pulling it out even though she had a baby last week. I've seen those ceiling lights in a few places this fall, so maybe retro/vintage lights are making a come back?

This season was a great place for me to start following the One Room Challenge, and I plan to be a guest participant in April. Congratulations to everyone on a job well done, and I hope you guys found as much inspiration from these renovations as I did. I know I'm gonna be pumped when April rolls around.

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