October 28, 2016

Fortune Cookie Friday 010

It has been 2 weeks since we moved in and we can't get enough of it. The new kitchen makes everything sweeter and the mornings a little more bearable. We love having our own space, to make a home together and to just be together. Yesterday marks 4 years of us knowing each other, crazy how time flys! There has been so many memories made in those 4 years that it's crazy to think about all of the more memories that we'll make in the next 4 year. I'll get off the rabbit trail now, promise. We put up DIY curtains yesterday and will be posting a tutorial on them in the next week!

Three more days till Halloween!! I've never been a super fan like some, but I do like dressing up and decorating. I've also never lived in the neighborhood so this will be my first time having trick-or-treaters! Whether or not we'll be here that night is still TBD, but I know it will be fun when we do hand out candy. Anyone have fun plans for Halloween?

We haven't had time to decorate for Fall/Halloween becuase of the craziness of moving in and unpacking. But for you guys that are, these Alice and Lois marble pumpkins are my favorite so far. Last year was my first year painting pumpkins instead of carving them, and I loved it.

House of Jade gathered these Wall Sconces Under $50, and it blew my mind. I love sconces and I love em better when they're not expensive. I have been scouring everywhere for lights to go in the bathroom and haven't quite settled on a style.

One thing that really, probably unhealthly, peeves me is when blogs don't have a "Read More" button. When I have to scroll through the entire post to get to the next one even when I don't want to read that particular post, I often don't go back to that blog as much. I used to be on the other side of this fence, but as I have started following more blogs regularly I find myself not wanting to waste time sifting through posts I don't want to read.

Now that we have our own house, I can't wait to entertain people. Studio McGee's "How To Create a Cheeseboard" had some great pointers on how to style a good tasting and good looking cheese board. I love cheese and I love cutting boards, so what can go wrong?

Have a good and safe Halloween! And make sure to share your awesome costumes, especially if you've DIY'ed it!

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