October 18, 2016

Installing a Modern Brass Pendant in the Kitchen

Big news: we spent our first night in the house!! We were going to take pictures and a few SnapChats to commemorate the occasion, but by the time we got in bed we were exhausted. Everything is still in boxes and the floors are still dirty from working, but I couldn't spend one more night away from this place. It's hard to live in it and not have it decorated or pretty, but right now it's worth it. This weekend is going to be filled with unpacking and cleaning and rearranging.

On to other things for today! The kitchen pendant is something that I have been excited about from the get go. I knew that it was going to be a stand out piece since it would be gold and at the center of attention above the kitchen. After a lot of searching and price checking, we landed this pendant from Progress Lighting in the Natural Brass finish. I grabbed this beauty from Wayfair while they were having their huge Labor Day sale, so I got it for about 40% off. And if you thought this guy was cute, take a look at its big brother (literally), which is twice as big as the mini. Even though the bigger one is probably prettier and makes more of a statement, the dimensions of the mini fit our space better. If you're one of those people who don't like to wait for things to ship, then you can pick up the mini in the chrome finish at your local Home Depot.

I was honestly very hesitant to buy it from Wayfair because there was only ONE picture. I couldn't tell how it attached to the ceiling, or what the cord looked like, all I could see was that beautiful globe shade and its brassy base. I decided to take a chance because I heard good things about Wayfair's return policies on things like lighting and if I didn't like what came, I would just send it back (with a big frowny face). Thankfully, we loved it and I didn't have to search for another light that could fill our pendant shaped heart holes. Now all I have to do is find a nice vintage bulb to pair with it! Once you decide on a rod length (it comes with 4 rods, one being a shorter one), it takes about 10 mins to wire and fasten it to the ceiling. We ended up with just one of the longer rods, making it hang about 24 inches from the top to the bottom.

Someone actually mentioned to me that everything, like the pendant, hardware, and faucet, should all be the same finish. In the beginning, that was my first reaction to. I thought that everything in the same finish would feel more put together. But as I looked closer at blogs and pinterest images that I loved, I found that hardly any of the had the matchy matchy finishes going on. There is a certain depth that multiple finishes brings to a space. The warm shiny brass (the pendant and cabinet hardware) contrasts with the cooler satin nickle (the faucet, exterior door hardware, and appliances). Now I am happy that I couldn't find a brass faucet in my price range and came across this one at Home Depot. I talked about this same thing in this post, and mention that Studio McGee's article helped me out a lot when thinking about multiple finishes in a space.

Here's how it looks in the totally finished kitchen that we shared in our Before and After: Kitchen Reveal post.

Sources // Pendant Light - Wayfair  ( bigger version, Home Depot in Chrome)


  1. Loving your blog! Come to my house and fix it up for me?
    LOVE Studio McGee-- literally die every time they post something.
    And we've had such good experience with Wayfair! So far we've bought our sectional couch, several chairs, and a bed and mattress. All great experiences, and even when we've had small issues, their customer service is awesome.

    1. Aw thanks Allison!! I would totally be down for that! That's great to know, because while I look at products on their site a lot, I've never actually bought anything. So this was a good experience.


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