October 28, 2015

DIY No-Carve Pumpkin

If you're like me, you love picking out pumpkins and decorating them for Halloween or fall. But not everyone doesn't like the part that comes next - figuring out how you're going to decorate it and then cleaning it out to carve. Personally, I love decorating pumpkins every which way but that it not for everybody. Last weekend while I was at the pumpkin patch (see this post on my visit and outfit), I grabbed a few extra so that I can show you guys some other ways to decorate your orange fruits (yes, pumpkins are fruits).

I love to paint, so obviously, my first no carve idea was to paint my pumpkin. But there are many ways to decorate your pumpkin without carving it! You can paint it, string stuff on it, put pushpins on it, monogram it, etch stuff on it, and I'm sure there's way more.

If you're late in the decorating pumpkin game like I am this year, you know that three days before Halloween is a terrible time to find pumpkins. The only ones out are gross. But after searching long and hard for some pretty ones, I found the pumpkin jackpot at Publix. They had some awesome large pumpkins at the front for only $6, but they also had an assortment of tiny pumpkins. I got a pack of 3 mini pumpkins for $5, and that is the orange pumpkin and black pumpkin you see below. I also got the cutest white pumpkin for only $1. Yeah, only one buckaroo - it doesn't get any better than that. They have lots of colors and sizes in pumpkins and gourds. So hit up your nearest Publix if you still need some cute decorations for the holidays.

1. Paint your entire pumpkin black. I picked a matte black color because I think it looks more creepy, but if you want it shiny, get a glossy black. Don't forget the stem! Then LET IT DRY! I gave mine about an hour just to be safe - plus I had other things to do.

2. Then grab some of your metallic gold paint, and your small paint brush, and start making swatches. I tried to do this in kind of a brick laying pattern, so that it didn't look completely done by a 2 year old. But just keep layering them until you have filled the entire pumpkin.

NOTE: This paintbrush should be thick with hard bristles. If you get a watercolor paintbrush, which has brown soft bristles, or an acrylic paintbrush, which has white or yellow bristles, it will make a smooth line as you end your swatch. You don't want this. You want it to kind of look like ikat style where the lines are different lengths. So make sure your bristles are hard.

3. And there you have it! A perfectly adorably Halloween pumpkin. Make sure to let it dry! If you don't you'll have a smudged pumpkin on your hands. If you mess up, you can always paint over it and start again! That is the beauty of painting over carving. 

Below are two other pumpkins that I decorated - one  pumpkin was white and I painted the bottom half with the gold metallic paint. The other I just wrapped some string around to give it a more simple, but still cute, look. 

Here are some other ways to decorate your pumpkins without carving them! Just click the picture to see where I found these awesome ideas! Now show me your creations!

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