May 31, 2014

Graduation Night

Happy graduation night to all my graduating seniors out there! I remember when I graduated a few years ago, it seemed like I would never get out of high school. But when I did, boy did time fly by. So enjoy it while you can! Soon you'll be in my shoes where all your friends are having babies and getting married. 

So for my brothers night (he didn't graduate, just participated in the ceremony), I decided to wear the classic, never fails, Little Black Dress. The LBD has been the secret weapon of every woman in the modern fashion world. It is so versatile and easy, yet can be so classic. My LBD came from a hunt through TJ Maxx one day, and I snagged it for about $10. The wedges came from Payless last spring, but I will find some alternatives and list them at the end of the post.

 The A-Line dress is a great silhouette for me because I have long legs and broad shoulders which is balanced out by the full skirt. It also has the most beautiful back. It wasn't a full open back, but had a gorgeous almost scoop line to it which showed off a tad bit of my workout progress. And of course to top it all off, the LBD is perfect when paired with a red lip. It is hard for me to do red lips because it makes me feel like my teeth are too yellow, but today I blended a few shades together to find the perfect match for my skin tone.

I felt like with a beautiful dress such as this, it did not need that man accessories, so I just paired it with some beautiful earrings, a small bracelet, and a small clutch. 

(These pictures were taken right after a hard hail storm, which explains the odd coloring and my squinting eyes.)

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Hope you all have a great graduation weekend! Have fun and be safe!


  1. As always, you look beautiful and your blog is wonderful. Love you♥

    1. Thanks so much Debs! I means alot to hear that people like it! Miss you!


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