June 2, 2014

Denim + Sneaks

So, this outfit I wore to my church on Sunday. Yes, my church isn't very legalistic in what people wear, so you can dress however you want to. (Although bikinis are not advised) And the real reason I wore tennis shoes was because I woke up about 4 minutes before we had to leave and putting on heels that fast after I get out of bed is a bad idea. Otherwise, I would have paired this with a cute nude wedge or something like that. 

But onto the tennis shoes - I got these shoes at, you'll never believe it, Wal-Mart. Yes, good 'ol Wally world does it again. They look just like Keds, and between my Keds and Wal-Mart off brand that I've had for the same about of time, my knockoffs look just as good, if not better than the name brand. And they were only, wait for it, $6! Yes, not $60, or even $10, just $6. I have a denim, red, white, and black pair now. I got these white ones last week and are a great addition to my spring closet. A lot of girls and bloggers like to wear wedges or strappy heels in the spring (I do too, don't get me wrong, but not as an every day shoe), but living in a small country Georgian town, sneakers are the most comfortable and don't kill your feet in the mountainous terrain.

Most of these items, I bought a few years ago - the skirt is Fossil, the denim jacket is Gap, and the shirt is H&M. The purse I got for Christmas this year, its a Steve Madden, and it is my go to purse. I love the fringe because it goes with everything I have. The bracelet used to be my stylish grandmothers, the watch was from NY&C, and the diamond bracelet was a gift I believe from J.Crew.

Can we talk about how cool this bird necklace is? It is one of my favorites and I wear it all the time. It was a gift from one of my best friends, and is from Fossil. It's so versatile and can be so edgy and yet so feminine. The earrings are from Belk a few years ago.

(So a lock of my hair just decides to magically bond with the rest of it. My hair has its own agenda.)

Shop My Look: 

Denim Jacket
Dark Wash - $45 
Light Wash - $45
Vest - $55
White - $70

Blue T-Shirt:
Scoop neck - $22
Cutout top - $45
Pocket tee - $35
V-Neck - $25

Printed Skirt:
Linen Mini - $40

So there is my go to lazy Sunday outfit. A skirt and some sneakers. It's also a great outfit to run some errands in on a weekday. Have a great afternoon!

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