May 16, 2014

Maxi Skirt (Day to Night)

Well lovelies, it's here . . . maxi-skirt season!! And I couldn't be happier. Maxi skirts are such a versatile piece that can be dressed up or down. Today I did two styles, one as a day wear and the other for night (or for me, date night!). 

This maxi I found at T.J.Maxx last season on sale for $15, so naturally I had to snag it. The chambray shirt I got from Gap a couple of years ago but now it is too small and so I normally do not wear it, but in this look I wanted a shirt I could knot up and so it worked out perfectly. I feel like J.Crew Factory is my dirty little secret, because lately I am constantly on their site, stalking their clothes. So here are some other options for a chambray shirt from JCF --> Short Sleeve | Dotted | Two Pocket | Light Wash | Light Wash Pop Over  

For my day look, I knotted my chambray shirt, pulled my hair into a loose braid, and slapped on some gladiator sandals to run some errands. Kept the accessories pretty simple, because I mean who wants to run errands with a million things on their wrists. And knotting shirts (or anything really) is my new favorite thing. It turns a piece that you already have into a fun and cool look for the warm spring weather.

For my night look, I wanted to wear the exact same thing to show that you don't have to bring a whole other pair of clothes if you are wanting to go out in the evenings. All the jewelry and clothing is the same, I just let my hair down, pulled out my wallet which doubles as a clutch, knotted my skirt, and put on some amazing heels. Voilá! Now you can go out and have some fun! So the only extra thing you have to pack is a nice pair of wedges or heels.

The shoes I got yesterday at our local Shoe Show (because it's really the only place to get cheap shoes in our small town) for Bogo 50%off. They ended up being about $15, while the other pair was the same shoe only in black. I felt like this was the perfect edgy spring wedge, plus it was super comfortable.

Now for how to knot the maxi. I would never thought of this idea, except I had an awesome revelation one day. I was in school up in North Carolina, I was headed to our heaven Super Target, and while I was getting out of the car, I found myself admiring this lady with her adorable baby and glamorous maxi skirt. For one, the baby was so so cute, and two, she was a fit and stylish mom, which I aspire to be one day. But as she was walking inside, her skirt was getting in the way, so she put the toddler down, reached down, and knotted her maxi skirt right there! I was like, "Waaahh?!" Never had I before seen a knotted skirt, and never would I have thought that it would be so cute! So from then on, I have knotted my maxi skirts. It was one of my biggest fashion Ah-ha moments ever.

Hope this helps you rethink your wardrobe! Even if you think maxi skirts aren't meant for you, give them a try! They are so easy to slip on if you don't want to wear shorts or long pants (or just don't want to shave). Show me how you wear your maxi!

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