May 21, 2014

Monogram Frenzy

So, if you love monograms, which I do, you will love this post. I have been using this site for a few years, and thought I would share my little secret with you. It's called Printable Monograms, and it is the best thing to happen to every woman on earth. Basically its a vault of adorable, customizable, printable monograms. Can you say thank you Jesus? Because I know we all, well at least I, have a craving for monograms but can never find any cute ones, or they cost too much money. Check out how I DIY-ed my own monogram on a tumbler and sunnies for less $$  --> (click on picture)


When you want to download something however, there is a catch. It used to be that you could save them and change your monogram on your own computer, but I found that with their update, it is best to change the monogram on the site when it pulls up the PDF, and print it straight from there. This prevents and font mess ups downloading it to your computer can cause. Some of them you need to type in special characters for the third letter, but they have instructions on the page for that, just make sure to read them otherwise you will get very frustrated because it won't turn out like you want it. 

They have added a bunch this spring and I am in love! Here are some of my favorites, click on the picture to go straight to the page where you can download it. To go to their full website, click here.

So there it is ladies! My little monogram cuteness secret. Have fun going through all their stuff! (Btw, the first one on the last row: the yellow spots are lemons! I have serious lemon obsession right now)


  1. Elizabeth! This is awesome!!! Thanks for sharing with us all!!

    1. I just couldn't keep this awesome secret to myself!


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