December 9, 2019

Baby Jones' Gender & Name Reveal!

If you haven't heard, we're expecting our first baby the end of April 2020! We announced it in the nursery reveal and have been eagerly awaiting finding out it's gender since. We've had both names picked out almost since we started dating and getting to finally use one of those is so gratifying. Okay, I won't make you wait any longer, baby Jones is a.....


Jason Atlas Jones is due April 26, 2020.

Let me give you a little background behind the name.

Jason — we both love sci-fi and one of our favorite series is The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. One of the main characters names is Jace and we both loved it, but I wanted him to have the option of a longer name. So Jason it was! We will call him Jase and much like me he will be able to be called by his full name if he ever wants to be (I grew up as Liz but introduce myself as Elizabeth now).

Atlas — Honestly, this name idea came from the magician movie "Now You See Me" where one of the main characters is names Daniel Atlas. It was the first time either of us had ever heard Atlas used in a modern way and loved it. But after I continued to think about it, it carrier a little mire meaning for me. One of my favorite books is Atlas Shrugged. If you've never read it, do. Without going into a whole thematic analysis, the title Atlas Shrugged comes from a pivotal conversation in the middle of the book where we find out Atlas represents the creative "doers" of the world, entrepreneurs, those who truly support the economy. I love the metaphor because being a hard worker and an entrepreneur is a big part of our life (and our upbringing). I could go on and on but I'll leave it at that. Atlas, the Greek Titan, is also kind of misunderstood because in actual Greek mythology he wasn't sentenced to hold up the globe but instead the heavens (or sky). He literally held up the sky so the world could exist (you can read this cool article if you're interested), so that's another interesting meaning behind the name.

Jones — Duh.

His initials will be JAJ which happened to be serendipitous because Auston's initials are also JAJ (Jeffrey Auston Jones).

As we were headed into the ultrasound we made our final bets: me a boy and Auston a girl. He was voting girl from the beginning and was surprised when little Jason popped up on the screen. I had gone back and forth the whole time, but the last week he had just been moving up a storm and it gave me a boy vibe.

All in all, 20 weeks in and we are both so excited to meet our baby boy. I'm feeling better nausea wise but still am feeling the fatigue and soreness pretty hard. I live in my Blanqi maternity leggings and J.Crew fuzzy slippers. Baby J is still kicking up a storm both night and day. We're so grateful for all the support from our family and friends, and all the encouragement you guys continue to give us. What do you think of his name? Were you surprised it was a boy?!

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