December 2, 2019

DIY Christmas Bucket + Door Mat

Christmas is right around the corner! We enjoyed Thanksgiving with our family and ate all the regular trimmings until we could pop. Baby was especially happy with the homemade (extra cheezy!) macaroni and cheese. Now turkey day is officially over my brain can start to get into the Christmas spirit. My biggest goal when decorating for the holiday this year was to keep the budget at a minimum and try to utilize things I already had. When we did our Very Merry Christmas Home Tour before Thanksgiving, you guys sweetly commented on my two DIY's I did for the front porch — the bucket and the door mat. It was super easy and budget-friendly and anyone can do it, so here is the tutorial!

 My inspiration for the bucket came from McGee & Co.'s galvanized Evergreen Buckets which were very beautiful but I didn't have the budget for. Instead, I went to Home Depot and got this $10 galvanized steel bucket that I can also repurposed after the holidays. They also inspired the door mat with their French Stripe Doormat, which again was way out of my price range.

Stenciled Bucket

Galvanized Bucket
Spray paint (pick your color!)

1. Lay your stencils on the bucket to ensure the right placement/alignment. Once you're happy with it, tape the stencils to the bucket. Tape all the outside edges (generously) including any spaces between stencils, that way when you spray it you'll only be spraying the letters.

2. Spray paint! Be sure you don't go over the edge of the tape you put around the edges. 

3. Wait for it to completely dry, then take off the stencils & tape. Display it!

Plaid Door Mat

Door Mat 
Duct/Shipping Tape
Spray Paint  (pick your color!)

1. Pick your pattern. For my straightforward plaid pattern I could use only straight lines which made using shipping tape easy. If you're following this pattern, lay two larger strips on each side.

2. Spray paint between the tape with slow, short burst strokes to ensure you don't blow under the tape.

3. Flip the tape to paint the other two sides.

4. Repeat for the smaller inside lines. 

4. Wait for it to dry and take the tape off. You're done!

These two DIY's cost me a total of $20 — $10 for the bucket and $6 for the spray paints. If you don't have the IKEA mat don't fret, it's only $10. This wreath was from Walmart and is only $15 along with this similar basket from Target.

Do you have any budget-friendly Christmas DIY's? On Wednesday I'm sharing a (free!) Christmas Printable so be sure to come back!

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