January 21, 2019

January Cure | Week 3

I had a three day weekend this week, and an extra long weekend means extra projects to fit into the schedule.This week of the January Cure was filled with cleaning and checking off those small tasks that always get put off.  It's only 3/4th's of the way through the month and I feel like I've already done a million projects - will I be burned out by the end? I guess we'll find out.

Week 1
Week 2

DAY 14 Do a bathroom cabinet clean-out
We have zero cabinets in our bathrooms. But, we do have a basket that holds all our extra toiletries in the hall. I went through all the bottles piled up in there and threw out all the half or even 1/4 full ones I keep thinking we'll use (and never do).

DAY 15: Plan a get-together
You know I don't BS you guys. I did not do this. Instead, we played Super Smash Bros.

DAY 16: Find + frame artwork
I don't have any artwork I wanted to hang, so I framed a photo of kid Auston. Also, you can peep my motivational letter board - I'm doing a 12 week weight loss challenge and I need a little push sometimes.

DAY 17: Work on your project
I did do this! I worked on my tool closet for the $100 Room Challenge on my day off. Tomorrow I'll have a post up on the progress I made this week - paint is up and all the shelves are cut! It no longer looks like this remnant of the 70's.

DAY 18: Clean the bathroom + treat yourself to flowers
The past two weeks I've bought myself some type of greenery for the "treat yourself to flowers" part of the weekend challenge. This week I just wasn't feeling it. I did deep clean the bathroom and finally spray painted the pvc sink drain black.

If you started the challenge are you still keeping up with it? I can see how it would be easy to fall off the band wagon, but we're so close! I know you can cross the finish line. 

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