January 8, 2019

January Cure | Week 1

January is usually just another month to me. I've never been the one to make new year's resolutions or go on some crazy diet, but this year apparently I feel like putting in more effort. I'm participating in the $100 Room Challenge again (check out our tool closet I'm tackling), Auston are getting up early (instead of going in the evening) to work out, and to top it all off me I'm doing Apartment Therapy's January Cure Challenge.

What is this January Cure I speak of? I actually hadn't heard of this challenge until Friday and decided to dive in head first. It is basically a daily challenge. They give you a small task to do every weekday, except on Friday when they assign you a whole room to clean + treat yourself to flowers (obviously, the best part). If you want to join or learn more about the challenge, check out their website.

DAY 1 
Today our task was to "Declutter a Drawer". I knew the kitchen junk drawer was the drawer to clean out because I stopped putting things in it since it was so full. Mainly batteries, pens, and manuals that have accumulated over the past two years.

I grabbed a $5 wire desk organizer from Walmart and went to town. A reader on Instagram made a great point: if you use a metal organizer, make sure your batteries don't touch the wire. The metal will neutralize it and you'll have a dead battery on your hands. The one I got has a think plastic coating, so that is probably the safest way to go.

Let me tell you guys - this task totally got me hooked. It was quick, it was easy, and it only cost me $5. You don't even have to spend the $5 I just wanted to because I didn't have any other organizers.

Our task was to "Make a List of Projects". This was pretty easy for me since I'm doing projects all the time, but I know not everyone does that. Top of the list was the $100 Room Challenge, which isn't the recommended smaller project but it's one I'm already working on. I have small projects too like organize our tv console, put pictures in the hallway gallery, and clean off the dining room table.

DAY 3 (Weekend Challenge)
On Friday's the task is to clean up a specified room over the weekend and treat yourself to flowers. This weekend was a bedroom. We've only been living in the finished master bedroom since November so it wasn't in need of deep cleaning. But this did give me the chance to straighten up, made the bed (for once), and bought a pretty hyacinth bulb. I'm not a huge flower person, but greens draw me in. Sure, I may kill them in a week or two - but they sure are pretty. However, despite my black thumb, I'm interested to see how this bulb goes since there's not a lot of maintenance.

You can get all the bedroom sources in this reveal post.

I'll be working on these little tasks every day and Storying about them - who's going to join in?!


  1. Good for you for tackling 2 projects this month! I gave up before I started on the $100 Room Challenge bc I just haven't been able to figure out what to hang in my office at work (that was my intended room to spruce up) and I think I'm just too burnt out from the holidays to think clearly. I've done elements of the January Cure in the past - my favorite new habit that became a year-round thing was keeping a To Donate box in a visible spot. I drop stuff into it all year long! Good luck organizing this month!

    1. Haha I totally feel ya! I have done absolutely nothing since the One Room Challenge ended the first of November, so I've had a lot of time to recover. That is an AWESOME idea! I always have stuff to give away it just piles up in an unsightly blob. Thanks!


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