September 26, 2018

$100 Room Challenge | Week 4: The Full Bathroom Reveal

Every reveal day is like Christmas. I get to compare where a space started out to where it is today. Today I get to share our bathroom renovation we complete for just (90¢ over) $100 in 4 short weeks. One of those weeks I spent out of town so it really was only 3 weeks!

Week 1: The Bathroom Befores & Plans
Week 2: Refreshing the Hex Tile
Week 3: Painting the Walls White

So you can get a full 'AH' moment, let me take you down the 4 weeks ago lane versus where $100 and some elbow grease brought us to today with a good before and after...

I tried to focus on keeping it minimal and functional while staying in the tight budget.

One of my favorite budget-friendly scores was this mirror. I found it online at Target and knew it was perfect at only $40 but it said 'No Shipping Available.' NOOOOOO. But I put in my zip code and saw there was one at the store an hour away. This was on a Sunday and I was leaving for an out of town conference on Tuesday afternoon. I rushed down on Monday evening and was crushed when I didn't see it on the mirror aisle. I didn't give up and kept walking around the store. LOW AND BEHOLD, I turn the corner to the clearance aisle and see some mirrors stacked up and there. it. was. AND marked down 50% to $20. I could hear the home decor angels singing to me. I mean, look at those beautiful matte black lines.

Looking at the floor every day was definitely worth all the hours I spent on my knees dying the grout lines.

Another way I try to save money is DIYing my own art. Every time I'm at Hobby Lobby I pick up a canvas or two so I can use them in times just like this. Even in bathrooms art makes the space warm and cozy. I love pairing paintings with modern pieces so one doesn't take away from the other. 

I know not everyone can do an oil painting, but everyone can do abstract modern art. I found inspiration I wanted to imitate (thank you Brady Tolbert) and then literally took a walmart paintbrush, walmart acrylic paint, and a piece of computer paper and roughly followed it. I even added an extra line in this one since I felt like it needed to take up more visual space. The key to these kind of pieces is to tear the edges to bring some organic lines to the frame. Then just stick it in a cheap Ikea frame!

The showstopper shelves did not come quickly. I was stuck on what type of shelf I wanted to do, if it was going to be a thick shelf, or a floating shelf, or just regular shelves. Then as I was driving back from my spur of the moment Target trip - it clicked. I have always admired shelves like this but never thought I would have a place to do my own. I found some simple premium pine boards at Home Depot and put a few coats of wood conditioner to bring out the rich grain.

They're super easy and super budget friendly. It's just a pine board and some L brackets spray painted black. But there's something about when they're turned upside down that makes me giddy. These only cost under $30! 

Other than solving the shelf problem, I had to come up with a way to store some extra towels other than in the hall closet. I was sitting in our living room and the answer was staring me straight in the face - the wicker basket we keep extra blankets in for the couch! I snagged this cute one at the Container Store (my spirit store) a few months ago while I was doing the Closet Spring Makeover because I could not pass it up. We'll still keep most of them in the hall but this basket is kind of our 'oh crap I forgot my towel' basket.

Let's talk about toothbrushes for a minute. Do any of you do the activated charcoal stuff? It intrigues me, but I haven't done it. The closest I have gotten was buying a charcoal infused bristle toothbrush. It was only like $7 and I have loved it so far! I got Auston a white one since I didn't want him to be the guinea pig haha. I also grabbed a Himalayan salt bar because you're supposed to brush your toothbrush against it after you rinse it off and its supposed to purify and clean it. I'm always down for less mouth bacteria. You can also use it in place of a regular soap bar too apparently.

I really could not be happier with how the grout renew turned out.

I didn't have it in the budget this time to do anything to the tub shower area, so I just cleaned and tidied up. Look how good that pink himalayan salt bar looks!

Here's a closeup of the torn edges. It's easiest to use a ruler as a guide in case your lines start wandering too much.

I was in the attic by accident looking through the light fixtures I've squirreled away and came across this wooden peg board I bought right after we moved in (like 2 years ago) and stuck up there. It was perfect for this project. I put some wood conditioner on it to match the pine boards.

Another Container Store find was this concrete circular box. I like to keep my rings in it because it has a lid.

I grabbed the pen holder I got for the office, spray painted it black and made it the toothbrush holder. Do not be afraid to reuse items in other spaces!

I know probably 99.99% wouldn't notice (and for good reason) but I also painted the underside of the sink white to cover up all the rust stains.

My absolute favorite room spray comes from Hobby Lobby, it's Lavender and Oakwood. Sounds weird but smells like heaven. I have like 5 in storage.

There you have it! Another $100 Room Challenge under my belt and a functional bathroom for the Joneses. Here's a breakdown of the budget for things I bought specifically for this challenge. It only ended up being 90 cents over budget! This figure didn't include taxes, just the price of the actual items. If you don't have a Target card, I really do think they are worth it. At least use the Target app and get some coupons!

Budget Used
Grout Renew - $9.57
Mirror - $19.98
Pine Boards - $11.57
Brackets - $18.85
Potted Plant - $13.96
Amber Containers - $12.99
Amber Soap Dispensers - $13.98

TOTAL: $100.90

I always wonder in these kinds of challenges the breakdown of what the bloggers use they don't count in their budget. This is the version you would've spent if you had no tool closet and didn't use anything from around the house.

Already Had
Wood Conditioner - $12.28
Hook Board - $7.98
Paint (Behr SnowFall) - $33.98
Toothbrushes - $15
Himalayan Salt Bar - $9
Toothbrush Container - $6.99
Spray Paint - $5.76
Construction Screws - $8.25/pack
Soap Dish - $4.99
Paint Roller - $4.98
Paint Roller Nap - $9.94
Paint Brush - $5.87
Ikea Ribba frame - $10
Wicker Basket - $30

You can see how valuable it is to build up your tool and supply closet! Some things are moved from other rooms and even spray painted! So don't be afraid to move stuff around and use what you have. It's a free and easy way to refresh a space.

If you haven't seen my other $100 Room Challenge spaces, you can see the last two below. And then leave me a comment so I know you didn't overdose on all the before and afters.

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It's reveal day so I know I don't have to tell you to visit all the participants and see all their wonderful spaces. This is 100% the best home diy challenge in the world. Want to participate next time? Mark you calendars for June 2019!


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  1. I love it. The shelves are a genius idea to update this bathroom.

  2. Your bathroom is stunning. I would have driven for that mirror too. It is perfect in that space and I know you were excited to find it on clearance. My favorite thing is the shelves and I love how you have hung them and styled them. Great makeover!

    1. Haha right?! Thank you so much! They really do make life easier.

  3. We did something similar with shelving to create more storage. Yours looks lovely!!

    1. Haha I just now got around to seeing yours and they looks awesome!! Can't believe I didn't see them earlier!

  4. This looks amazing! I love the shelves and the new mirror. You rocked the cool style that already existed and really made it pop!

  5. I just love it and the shelves are perfect! Great job!

  6. It turned out so well! Those shelves are my favorite!

  7. This is a great transformation! It's amazing the difference that the grout renew made. And I love those shelves!

    1. Thanks Beth!! Totally, it still blows my mind when I walk in every day. Haha thank you!

  8. Your rooms/spaces are always incredible. Love the grout refresh. It makes big difference. And, oh, those amber bottles are all amazing. LOVE them... you also have me intrigued about potentially changing up my dental hygiene routine :) Another awesome transformation! Always excited to have you join the challenge!

    1. Haha thanks Erin! I can't believe how much of a difference the grout makes! Haha seriously, after using the brushes and salt bar for two weeks I can noticeably see a difference in my whiteness. Thanks! <3

  9. Great job on your room! Whew... I was scrubbing tile grout right along with you and it was a lot of work! But made a huge difference. Love your classic black and white tile and how you added modern touches to it too. Yay for completing another #100roomchallenge!

  10. Right?! It is such hard work but makes such a big difference!! Thanks!


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