January 24, 2018

$100 Room Challenge | Week 4: Staining the Shelves

I’ve been writing posts for a while now, and I still never know how to start them. So there’s the not-optional awkward first sentence. Week 4 of the $100 Room Challenge may not seem like we did that much but that’s because we had to stretch this challenge over 5 weeks instead of 4 and this makeover didn’t have as much hard labor as the previous challenges we’ve done. 

First up this week was to pick a stain for the shelves. Wanting to save my $$ for this weekend's shopping trip to find storage solutions, I needed to pick a stain I already had in our tool closet. If you caught my InstaStories, thank you for all your suggestions!  I had trouble deciding between the 4 colors we already had, but mostly because I would love to try a more modern style with unstained wood sometime. You guys gave me some great advice, and I knew the warm but darker Early American would fit into our house's style more than the other options.It plays into the Provincial floor stain and really just ties everything together - something that is important to me to make our home feel cozy. After popular decision, Early American made the cut.

The stain may not look that dark on the testing block, but once you get it on a large space it becomes so much darker - the same goes with paint. 

It's finally coming together! Seeing the pink/wallpapered shelves out and the new ones in really got me excited to fill it with all our stuff.

The spray painted black rod really updated the old galvanized one and excentuates the faux-lap.

You guys also gave me some great suggestions on what I should do about this return vent that is visible on the right side. Ideally, I would have covered it with the same pine boards we did the shleves in but had more in the scrap pile and being that I am tryin to conserve a big chunck of my budget for storage I decided just to paint it the same white as the walls.

Not a permanent solution, but a pretty good temporary one!

Last week's boards versus this week's boards. Also, the only room with absolutely 0 natural sunlight so taking photos is a big challenge. And a word about this budget - I've only spent $3 because all this room really needed was a paint job and some new shelves, both of which I had the materials for. So normal people might need to buy those materials, just keep that in mind. Come back next week to see the big reveal!

Budget Spent:
Paint Sample, Seagull Gray - $3


Things I Already Had:
Rollers / Brush
Frog tape
Long level
Pine boards
Wood stain

Be sure to swing by and show some love to the other participants this season!



  1. Love your stain choice! It looks great so far!

    1. Thanks! I always second guess it but it turned out good!

  2. Love the stain you chose! Those wood shelves look fabulous in there!

    1. Thanks! Can't wait to get all our stuff back in there!

  3. I think the stain you chose looks amazing! And the updated rod is perfect for the space. Yea for the reveal... which I get to go check out right now :)

    1. Ahh thanks! Yeah, couldn't live with that galvanized pipe XD


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