February 7, 2017

More Plans for the Kitchen Cabinets

I know you're probably thinking - where the heck has she been? Life just gets busy sometimes friends, especially when you have a full time job (where I am currently going through certifications), a part time job, other side jobs, and then a blog. Which one is my favorite to spend time on? Absolutely this blog. Often times I daydream about it becoming my full time job, a girl can dream right. But anyways, on to more fun things!

Since we installed the one half of our kitchen cabinets, there is this gaping hole between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling. If it were the 70's, we would just stick a filler up there like a soffit, but I just can't make myself cover up perfectly good storage space. So my solution is to build a custom shelves. The only big decision I need to make is the storage above the stove area - the wine bottle shelves. I snapped a quick picture of the space and overlayed it with some outlines. So far, I've narrowed it down to either a criss-cross or straight layout. I found some inspiration pictures that helped me visualize it.

This one is just so classy and reminds me of a fancy restaurant that has a huge wine selection.

Right now, I think we're leaning towards the straight layout, even though the angled one looks incredibly pretty. Partly because it is a more modern design and partly because it will be easier to construct. Now I just need to make some measurements and pick up some wood!

But oh do I love these straight lines. Decisions, decisions. Which one do you think would look better in our kitchen?

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