February 21, 2017

5-Step Modern Farmhouse Wall Hooks

Has anyone else gotten the cold/flu that's been going around? Well this girl, who never gets sick, did. And it is anything but blog writing conducive. But nevertheless, I am on the mend and wanted to share this quick 20 minute project that helped make our room more functional.

I love robes. They're easy to slip on in the mornings or after I take a shower. Since we moved in October (wow, has it really been 4 months already?!), I have been keeping our robes on thumbtacks I stick in the wall. Literal thumb. tacks. They worked great for a while, but I was getting tired of them being difficult to hang things on, oh yeah and they're super ugly. I've been keeping my eye open for pretty hooks, but kept could never make up my mind. I decided to run to the Home Depot to see if they had any, and who would have thunk it, they had the perfect ones. They're a little less modern and more farmhouse than I thought they would turn out, but they still make life better. The project took 20 minutes and only cost $15 - worth it.

Here is the space before the project, where I used pushpins to hold up my two robes. It worked, but like I said, it didn't have any other places to hang things and it was pretty bare.


1"x1" Board
Wood Stain


1. Prep board - Trim (if needed), sand,and stain.

Since I grabbed 3' boards, I trimmed them down to 28". It was my first time using the saw by myself - yay! Then I gave it a good sanding with a 100 grit and rubbed it down with my recent favorite stain, Minwax's Early American.

2. Prep hook placement - mark screw holes and drill pilot holes.

If you're like me and want them to be perfectly spaced, I measured it all out and made marks with my pencil. Pilot holes are optional, but I find it easier when I'm working with things I want to be level and have a weird angle when screwing.

3. Screw hooks on board.

Thankfully the hooks came with screws with pre-painted heads, so all I had to do was screw them in my pilot holes.

4. Screw board onto the wall.

Make sure you screw into some studs! Otherwise, it will come tumbling down when you put stuff on it. I only hit two studs with my screws and the other two were for balance's sake. I placed mine pretty high up on the wall because we're both tall and I wanted to be able to hand my purse/scarves on it.

5. Enjoy you're pretty new hooks!

I love how it displays my white floral robe I wore to get ready on my wedding day. I literally wear it every single morning. I also grabbed this pretty scarf from Target's winter sale for only $5! Try out this simple DIY and let me know how yours turns out!

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