February 9, 2017

DIY Amber Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Wash Bottles

Do you hate all the different colored bottles in your shower? I mean let's be serious, who actually likes all those weird colors and logos lining your tub or shower? If you do, I'm glad you do! But if you're like me, all those bottles get on your nerves. It feels like the least pretty way to keep your shampoos and body wash. On a podcast a while ago, I heard that the first thing Nate Berkus does when he gets new shampoo or conditioner is tear off the labels. I thought - that could solve my problem! But with my luck, the bottles I buy have the labels printed right on to the plastic... Meaning there was no taking them off.

Then I came across this post by on of my favorite bloggers, Almost Makes Perfect. I was like YES! You answer all my minimalistic style needs Molly! So I got all the materials and did the shampoo bottle diy. So here's a quick tutorial on how I did it - it only took $10, 30 mins, and minimal effort. I did 3 bottles for me, and 3 bottles for Auston. The actual bottles are SUPER cheap, like ¢70 a piece! Quick note: make sure the letters you get are vinyl so that they're waterproof!

Amber 16 oz. bottles
1/4" Helvetica Vinyl Letters

1. Tape a horizontal line in the middle of the bottle - with the bottom edge being the halfway point. If you sit the bottle on a flat surface, it is easier to tell if your line is level.

2. Place the letters across the bottom edge of the tape. The easiest way to do this is using a pair of tweezers to grab the tiny letters and adjust them.

3. Take tape off - fill with your shampoo! This is the easy, and yet oh so satisfying step.

Now I can get in the shower and I don't see all those ugly shampoo brands surrounding me. How do we tell the difference between mine and Auston's? Well, I got him the pump tops and me the squeeze tops. If you want another way to do it, you can get the clear bottles for one person and the amber ones for another! This is a simple diy that is cheap and makes your bathroom feel 10x's prettier. Be sure to share and show me how yours turned out!

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