January 9, 2020

$100 Room Challenge | Week 2: The Natural Hallway Mood Board

Week 2 of the $100 Room Challenge and spent the entire week thinking and debating on what I want to accomplish for this challenge and what direction to take it (aka the hardest part). I really wanted to focus on simplicity and making the gallery wall the star of the show since that will be our most prominent photo display in the house. The mood board I ended up with is simple and natural, incorporating a lot of different shapes and texture.

Sources: Art, Runner, Wall Hooks, Frames

I had two main photos I used for inspiration from my Pinterest board: one from Almost Makes Perfect and one from Studio McGee. I love Molly's natural wood frames and use of a runner, it makes a small space feel cozy. Shea's placement of the oversized black frames make the space feel larger while still drawing attention to the photos.

I used Photoshop to make two different mockups of what's rolling around in my head. I did use a photo of the rug I'm planning to buy but that won't be a part of this challenge since it's more than the entire budget. I'm trying to move away from Persian-ish rugs since that's the only style I was buying because it felt safe, even though it didn't feel "me". The last rug I bought was for the Guest Room and I swung way too far the other way and went totally geometric but not natural. This time I'm trying for something in between to hit that sweet spot.

Option #1: Black Frames + Art

This option uses the high contrast black frames paired with a natural framed art piece at the end. I put a few hooks on the left wall even though it's next to the closet because it would be nice to have somewhere to hang a purse or a guest's coat.

I mocked up painting the walls white since I was hesitant but now I've convinced myself. I have left over Behr Snow Fall (increased by 100%) from the Guest Room makeover so no money will have to be spent on paint. I toyed with doing a tall board and batten but decided against it since it would be too busy with not much wall to showcase it on.

Option #2: Natural Frames + Mirror 

At the end of the hallway would be a mirror instead of art. The frames would be natural to match the hooks at the other end. I would move the mirror from our Guest Room to here so I wouldn't have to spend any money. I toyed with putting a small shelf under the mirror but it's just simply too thin. There is less than an inch between the wall and the door jam to the Guest Room, and no one wants to be running into the corner of a shelf all the time.

I like the look of this option, my only (big) hesitation is having a mirror at the end. I just don't think I'll like walking down the hall everyday and constantly seeing myself.

My gut is to go with Option #1 with the art. Even though I like the look of the mirror and I think it would make for pretty pictures, I think the functionality outweighs the form for me this time. I also really like the black frames paired against the light runner, it feels cohesive.

My task for this weekend is to paint the walls white. I'll probably also sketch out the materials I need to DIY the frames and settle on some final hooks. Busy weekend ahead and so many football games to watch!

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  1. Tough choice. I like the look of the mirror but I get not wanted to see yourself everytime you walk by. Love the gallery wall idea. You are well on your way!

    1. Haha exactly! Maybe if it were a shorter hallway but it extends the entire length of the house and it's just a long way to see yourself walking towards yourself haha. Thanks!

  2. Enjoyed reading your design process. I need to learn how to use Photoshop as I can see the value of having a preview. Is there a way to do something to the mirror so it isn't so reflective? I too like this option but get your hesitation. I would probably think I was seeing someone at the end of the hall before I realized it was just me lol. Either way it's going to look beautiful.

    1. It really is easier than it seems, you just gotta start fiddling with it. I thought about that but ended up thinking it'd be a waste of a mirror when I could just put art up. Maybe I should put a small on above the hooks?

  3. I think I agree with you and would go with #1 - although the mirror is beautiful I like the artwork being the focal point at the end of the hall. Also that rug is PERFECT!

  4. I love the mirror idea but agree about seeing yourself all the time. If it is artwork truly love then seeing it everyday will be a treat.

  5. Love your mood board. We think the mirrors would be beautiful! You won't be looking at yourself all of the time...unless you want to LOL. And they may reflect more light. Whatever choose is going to be beautiful!

  6. I really love option one! The contrast really speaks to me!


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