November 19, 2014

The Coldest Day Ever...

Atlanta has the weirdest and most unexpected weather in North America. At least in other parts of the country, you can expect their certain weather patterns, but no, not in Georgia. Last week it was 80º, and yesterday, it was a high of 28º. Yes, you read that right - 28 degrees above 0º.  So I have titled this post, "The Coldest Day Ever," because it was flipping cold when I opened the door at seven in the morning.

To start off with, this is my absolute favorite coat I have, and of course, it is from J.Crew. I got it two year ago for Christmas, for half off plus my student discount. So I/my parents got this coat for $100, when it retailed for over $300. I meant to take off my jacket and show you my newest shirt, but like I said, it was way to cold out (which is also why I didn't take many pictures). Buttt, I found this long sleeve stripped shirt at Gap on the clearance rack, with an extra 50% off, so it ended up being $9. Getting a $35 shirt for $9 made my day. I actually got another one of the same shirt only inverted - white with navy stripes - and they are amazing because they are long enough for my gangly arms. 

These earrings I found at Target marked down to $5.98 on the Clearance rack and I had an extra 40% off of that from my Cartwheel app - so I ended up getting these beauties for less than $3. (If you don't have Target's app, you seriously need to look into in because they offer extra discounts on all items, including groceries.) I paired my outfit with my "Robin Hood" boots. I call them that because, well, they look like boots that he would wear. And they have a slight wedge on them making them absolutely amazing. 

Pea Coat: J.Crew  1 • 2 • 3 • 4 • 5 | Shirt: Gap (Inverted) 12| Jeans: Gap 12
Boots: Nordstrom 123 | Earrings: Target | Nailpolish: Essie "Bahama Mama"

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