October 20, 2014

Gingham Shirt Dress

Today's post includes this awesome gingham shirt dress that I got last fall at Gap. I was originally looking for a gingham shirt, but when I found the shirt dress on the Clearance rack for $10, I could not pass it up. And when I bought my thigh high boots, I new they would go great together. But it was kind of baggy, so I decided to tie it together with a skinny brown belt. And now that it's colder weather, you'll start to see girls pull out their leggings and wearing them as pants. Well, here's my rule: if your shirt doesn't cover your butt, you need to wear regular pants. But that's just me. OH! And I died my hair dark! I love going dark in the winter because I get so white my natural auburn hair washes me out - so I'm dark for the rest of the winter!

 Gingham Shirt Dress: Gap 123456 | Leggings: American Eagle 12 • 3 | Belt: American Eagle 12 | Boots: Urban OG 123 | Purse: Steve Madden 123 | Necklace: Mindy Mae's Market | Bracelet: Benevolent Jewels | Earrings: 1234 (<--FAV) | 
Nail Polish: OPI "Every Month Is Oktoberfest" (LOVEEE)

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