October 6, 2014

Cozy Military

So today was the first cold morning in Atlanta! I woke up and checked the weather, and it was a chilly 50º - perfect for my first boots and scarf post! I typically hate being cold, but my love for scarves, boots, and peacoats sometimes overpowers that.  This look is one that I have been waiting to blogg about for a while because it involves my favorite military jacket and favorite maroon scarf (which I knitted - by myself!). 

So, first things first, if you don't have a military jacket or vest, you NEED to invest in one. I got mine last year at Nordstrom, and it a great decision. It literally can be styled with almost everything - from girly to grundy to business casual. Secondly, if you're pretty tall like me (5'8") then you're probably searching for jeans that are long enough for you. Well, the best place to find them - Gap. They have tall and long sizes, which differ a little, but they are perfect, so I'll link some up for you gals. 

Let's talk about this awesome purse. Cognac is very in (as it will always be) because it is so versatile and perfect for the fall months (or any month). But, it's hard to be a college girl in such an expensive purse world. So, let's talk about some options other than the big purse brands (e.g. Coach, Rebecca Minkoff, Tory Burch, etc.) So this beautiful bag is from Target. I got it on the 30% off sale rack, but also used Target's Cartwheel app and go it for an extra 20% off, so this purse ended up going from $60 to $30. And just because it only original cost $60, doesn't mean that it is crappily (is that a word?) made. Yes, it's not going to last me years like my Coach's and Dooney & Bourkes have, but that's not the point. For the few years that your paying to go to school (or whenever), you're looking for ways to look chichi but still stay without breaking your wallet. So, Target is a great option - along with Lulu's and Nordstrom (if you narrow the price range - they have a great selection). And P.S. If you don't have Target's "Carthwheel" App, you seriously need to download it because it has great deals every single day that you wouldn't normally get just by browsing in the store.

So has anyone gotten into the double pearl earring trend? Well, I bought my first pair last week and my verdict is . . . they are awesome! I thought they were stupid at first, but needless to say, they grew on me. A lot. Now I find myself reaching for the double pears rather than my single ones as I get ready in the morning. They just add that extra "umph" to your every day outfits. Mine are from Target for $8 - and were so worth it.

Jacket: Nordstrom 1 • 23 • 45 • 6 (Vest)| Shirt: Gap 1 • 2 • 3| Jeans: Gap 12 | Scarf: Me! 12 | Boots: Aldo 123 | 
Purse: Target | Earrings: Target 12 • 34 | Nail Polish: OPI "Tickle My France-y"

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