July 18, 2014

Ripped Neon

So, yesterday me and my mom went to the mall and got some major shopping done. It was great. We first stopped at Nordstrom because we were trying to find me a tennis skirt for my birthday. And needless to say, we got a little carried away. I mean, when you walk into that store, and see that tent, you just can't not go in it. So we did and I found some amazing steals, some of which included a nice caramel colored leather jacket (normally $70 but got it for $40). After a few hours, we headed over to Target and Nordstrom Rack. For some reason this was my first time into that wonderful wonderland of clothes. Seriously, if you have not been there, it is a must on your next shopping trip. 

Some sleevess shirts that weren't cami's was at the top of my list for summer necessities There I found this awesome flowy neon tank. It is originally $80 but we got it for $20. And it is one of my favorite tops that I own. I love the neon colors,and especially the neon blue pipping (cause blue is the best), but most of all, it has a zipper back! I also found a few more tanky blouses that made their way into our bags. Now, onto the shoesss.

So I have been eyeing these Michael Kors Wedges (Denim & Black) since they came out in the spring. They are simply amazing, but being in college, they weren't really in the budget. And one day as I was browsing the shoes in Target, I came across a miracle. There stood an exact look alike MK for... $25. I was so overjoyed, but sadly they didn't have them in the pretty khaki color I wanted. But I couldn't pass up the black ones now could I? No.The next thing on my list: rings. When putting together outfits, you find the things that are missing. It was printed tops for me, and now it's rings.  (This ring is the one I've been craving)

Shirt: Nordstrom Rack | Purse: Wal-Mart | Shoes: Target | Jeans: Gap

Necklace: Mindy Mae's Market | Earrings: ME!

So, if you know me or have checked out my Etsy page, you'll know that I love to make jewelry. But I have only made necklaces up till now. But after seeing some beautiful tassel earrnigs made with glass beads, and I thought I'd attempt some. And they turned out GREAT! I wear them so much (probably because they're my only colorful earrings but anyways). I'm debating on wether or not I should list them on my Etsy store. If people would buy them, I would love to make some. Anyways, let me know what you think of them! (Check out my Etsy page and it's Facebook page!)

Nail Polish: "Play Date" & "Meet Me At Sunset" |Bracelet: MMM

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