July 29, 2014

National Lipstsick Day

 Happy National Lipstick Day! So, as you can tell throughout this post, I love lipstick! I don't think it looks the best on me, but I still love it. It's like playing dress up, but oh so much better. It is very hard to find shades that don't wash me out because I'm so pale, so white girls, this post is a great guide to what could work on you. Also, I mix and layer a lot of what I have. For example: I will never use the darkest red, but I will layer over the lightest red so that I get a dark red with that coral undertone that doesn't make me look like a "working girl" if you catch my drift. My room is yellow, so it was very hard to take pictures that didn't look totally yellow, and the colors of the lipsticks are kind of distorted. But you can click on the links at the bottom if you're curious about the true color. So total, I have 14, yes, 14 different lipstick colors.

P.S. Here are some of my favorite lipstick prints from my favorite artist who is just getting the spotlight, Evelyn Henson. You can buy her prints online, and even special order some. The only one that is selling now is last one, "The brighter the lips.."

P.P.S. After writing this and taking the pictures, I was cleaning out my purses and found two other lipsticks. That brings my total to 16 lol. (Bobbi Brown "34 Tulle" + Revlon "Silver City Pink") I wear "Silver City Pink" almost everyday, so I have about three scattered wherever I'll need them. It's a great light pinkish color that has a beautiful shine and glitter to it. If I were to pick out my favorite and most versatile one from all the lipsticks I have, it would be this one.

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