March 26, 2014

All Shorted Up

Hello lovelies! So I was looking through my closet and trying to clean out some things 
andddd ... I think I have a shorts obsession. 

Shorts are an ESSENTIAL during the summer in Georgia. It gets warm reallyyy hot from May to October (sometimes, even winter is not that cold). 

Up until the summer before last, I hadn't worn shorts (shorter than my knees) before because 1.) I wasn't comfortable with my body (because I am as white as it gets) and 2.) my exposure to the "shorts" fashion had been girls who wear Daisy Dukes. But after getting into college and becoming satisfied with how God created me to be, I accepted my long legs and began my search for tasteful ways to style shorts. But I found it extremely difficult to find shorts that fit my leggy body (seriously, I hardly even have a torso, but I dress it so I look proportional) and were modest enough. I finally settled mostly with a 5" inseam that I felt most comfortable in.

Modesty often comes with a negative connotation. I want to show you that there ARE ways to dress modestly and stylishly at the same time.

I currently have 17 pairs of shorts, all of which I adore. Most of them are from Loft because I worked there for a while and got an awesome discount (yes, it is hard to say how much money I actually made there). I converted a denim pair I had last summer into the American Flag pair at the front with some bleach and spray paint. It was by far one of the most fun {and fulfilling} DIYs I have ever done.

And is it crazy that I still want more?

Um, let's just make that a rhetorical question. } 

So here is my wish list of shorts that I want to acquire for the summer: 
- White denim
- Neon yellow
- Forest Green
- Lilly Pulitzer

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