March 29, 2014

Rainy Day's Haul

 So I had a productive day. On this rainy Saturday, I ventured into town to the few stores we have and found some amazing items! This beautiful navy blue, turquoise, and purple shift dress and pearl necklace came from a local boutique Feral Outfitters that I got for 60% off. (Dress $100 $40, Necklace $21 $8 )
Faux snakeskin is alwayss in, and shift dresses are not always the right thing for me. Because I am rather curvy, tall, and have broad shoulders, it is hard to find a shift that is long enough and doesn't make me look bigger than I really am. But this one is a perfect in every way. And can you say, "The most adorable pearl necklace ever?" Yes, so well done Feral. These will be a great addition to my spring wardrobe!

And that dress?! Hottuh! I found the dress and shorts at Goody's , and much to my surprise, as I walk in, I see a BOGO sign. This is a fantasy word to shopaholics. And it was buy one get one FREE off the WHOLE ENTIRE STORE!! So I found these gems and got them both for $20 where they would both be normally $50 together. Needless to say, a great day! I found some alternatives below, but I have found that almost everything is cheaper in the store, plus you can try things on and evaluate them. Find things that you like, but also fit. Fit is essential when it comes to shift dresses. You want something that fits your shoulders snuggly, but just sits right off your hips.

Shift Dresses:
1. J.Crew Fact. - Scalloped White Lace $76
2. J.Crew Fact. - Scalloped $60 (in Navy, Citrus, Poppy)
3. J.Crew Fact. - Optic Dot $60
4. See #2
5. J.Crew Fact. - Stripe $40
6. See #2

Faux Snake Skin Dresses: 
1. Ivy &Blu - Sleeveless $48
2. New Look - Overlay $40
3. Khol's - Shirtdress $47

{ "But take care, that this right of yours does not become a stumbling block to the weak." - 1 Corinthians 8:9 }

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