July 17, 2018

Installing Feet on the Couch

Thanks for welcoming me back from my blogging (and social media) hiatus, it's amazing what some time off to focus on yourself can do.

I'm 99% sure everyone has those tiny tasks you just can't seem to take the time out of your day to do it. It's not that it would cost a fortune or even take that much time, but it just sits there and sits there, un-tackled. For us, that was the replacement feet for our love seat. When the couch got moved from Atlanta to this house the feet got lost and we have lived with it sitting right on the floor for 2. YEARS. You might not think couch feet would make that big of a difference both sitting on it or looking at it - but it does.

Without the feet, it looked like a college dorm room couch or a couch for a teenagers room.

While I was perusing through Home Depot, I came across the bun section and finally decided to just go ahead and spend the $40. It wasn't a hard process, but here's how I did it.

Couch buns (x4)
Top Plate (x4)
Stain (Dark Walnut)
• Screw Driver

1. Stain the feet. I used Dark Walnut, but you can use any color or no stain at all! Just dip your rag in the stain and wipe it everywhere. I like to wipe of the excess with a clean rag once I'm finished. I let them dry for a few hours as I did some other chores. I didn't stain the bottom of the feet to avoid any rubbing off on the white rug.

2. Install the top plates. Pretty easy, just use the screws that came with the plates to fasten to the couch. I used my power drill, but you could use a regular screw driver if you had to - but I wouldn't recommend it since your screwing into wood. You can place them wherever, I decided to do the same way I did the big couch and have them off set of the edge of the couch by 1 inch.

3. Screw in the feet. And screw in the feet to the plates!

Not a hard, or time consuming DIY but definitely one that makes a difference. I feel like the Queen of Sheba as I lounge an extra 4 inches off the ground.

You can find me here most of the time I'm at home, either on my iPad, watching the Office or playing my video games. Do you have those little things that just can't seem to get done too?!

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