March 27, 2018

The Guide to Everything We Did in San Francisco

Auston worked his butt off the past year to get us on the Panama/Costa Rica trip, and they did so well that we qualified for a small trip. So last week we spent a few days in San Francisco. It was both of our second times being there but we were both really young so it was great to experience the city with adult eyes. Spending 5 days and 4 nights we had a pretty well rounded trip and got to do all of the site seeing and relaxing we wanted to. So here's what we did, where we stayed, and most importantly everywhere we ate.

Where We Stayed
Fairmont Hotel

The Fairmont was incredibly nice, but since we were on a company trip we didn't foot the bill. But, I did look their prices for you guys and at $279 per night it really isn't that bad when the Airbnb's in the less great locations are going for $200. We ate two of our meals there and since it sits on top of Nob Hill it had incredible views. Definitely would recommend for any out of towners.

What We Did
Golden Gate Park 

The very first day we took a city tour where they chauffeured us around on a charter bus and we saw most everything in SF. We took a long stop in Golden Gate Park where we got out and went to the de Young museum that had an awesome view of the city. Last time I went to the Japanese Tea Garden which left me with good memories so if you have time spending it in the Park is a great choice.

Fisherman's Wharf

An obvious stop for anyone who visits the Bay area, the famous Fisherman's Wharf. Tons of shopping and places to eat and if you've never seen a sea lion there is probably a million just basking on the docks.

Ghirardeli's Square

A fun place to visit, it sits right by the bay and has a big open green space for a picnic. We went up to the Ghirardelli factory and got one of the best brownies and ice cream (my weakness). There's shops and the entrance to the best cable car ride.

San Francisco Zoo

 It's hard to pick a favorite thing you did on a trip when everything you did was awesome. Bu the zoo is always one of my favorite places to go because I love animals. We got to see them feed the grizzly bears which we really recommend because feeding times you get to see the animals move around. My favorite animals are big cats, so I teared up when we saw the snow leopard and tigers. Even if you don't have kids the zoo is still an awesome place to visit.

Chinatown (& Financial District)

I can't go to any large town without visiting their Chinatown because Asian is my favorite food. We walked around everywhere and went to the Fortune Cookie Factory. Since it is right beside the Financial District we walked down the hill and saw the Transamerica building and the new Salesforce tower.

Bike the Bridge

If you don't do anything else in San Francisco, do this tour. There are a million different bike tours but we did the Dylan's Tours. We biked 12 miles from Fisherman's Wharf, across the Golden Gate Bridge, over to Sausalito, and went to Muir Woods. I know what you're thinking, 12 miles sounds like a long way - but we were on electric bikes. And I know, you're too good for electric bikes, you can do it on your own. But trust me, it is a looong way up and down the hills of California and that bridge is not flat. And the electric bikes are FUN. So much fun that I really want to buy one for myself. Do yourself a favor and leave the macho mindset behind and let these electric bikes make this one of the most beautiful rides you'll ever take. Once you bike to Sausalito across the Bay and eat lunch, they bus you out to Muir Woods and spend an hour on the moon of Endor (if you don't get that reference... you're hurting my heart).

Fort Point

On the bike tour you get to stop at Fort Mason on the middle of the SF bay and at Fort Point which sits underneath the Golden Gate Bridge on the SF side. Both are very cool to visit but Fort Point has really amazing views and a cool historical tour of the fort. Both are free since they are national parks.


The quiet oasis across the Bay. With houses starting in the 8 figure range, I'll never live there but visiting is a must when in SF.

Muir Woods

After the bike ride, they bused us to Muir Woods that is full of Red Woods. I've seen the Giant Sequoias but this was my first time seeing Red Woods. I did learn that the first U.N. meeting was held there and we got to see a cool plaque that marked the occasion. They were huge and beautiful and time really does stand still in there.

Where We Ate

I love bread. Seriously, in Panama/CR all I ate for breakfast was bread & on this trip bagels were my jam. So when we were at the wharf and saw Boudins was a sourdough factory who made their own bread I knew we had to eat there. If I could put emojis in here I'd put a million praise hands. Their sourdough was heavenly. And bonus, they have a cool museum/factory tour where you can watch them make the bread which is great for kids but our 4 adults loved it just as much. Although we saw where they kept the "Mother Dough" which is like 150 years old and grossed me out. But I still love the bread - so a big 5 stars from this girl.

Tonga Room

My personal favorite and totally the best experience. The Tonga Room is in the basement of the Fairmont hotel but is open to the public. It is the old hotel pool that they converted into a restaurant in the 50's and it is incredible. Every 30 minutes "rain" falls from the ceiling into the pool making it feel like you're really on a pacific island complete with lightning effects and sounds. And did I mention they have a band who play on a boat that floats int the pool? It was one of the best experiences and the food was right up there with it. If you go there - the Mai Thai & Beef with Honey sauce was just out of this world.


Auston says this was his favorite place to eat. We stopped at Copita after we biked over the Golden Gate Bridge and finished our 12 miles in Sausalito across the Bay. It was a perfect day outside and their food hit the spot. Oddly their chips were my favorite part because they were obviously homemade and fluffier than a cloud. Also, one of the best margaritas I've ever had.

Nob Hill Cafe

This was our last dinner in SF and we walked a block over from our hotel just expecting a cute italian place. When we got our food though, it blew us all out of the water. They are nestled in a tiny corner of the block but they hand make all their pasta - drool worthy pasta. We had to wait about 40 minutes on a Saturday night but it was 100% worth it.

Fortune Cookie Factory

We didn't eat a meal here, but we bought a million fortune cookies. It's a small family who hand makes their fortune cookies and sells them out of their shop. Apparently, they were one of the stops on the last Amazing Race where the contestants had to roll 100 perfect fortune cookies to get the clue. It seriously was the best fortune cookie I've ever had - and I've had a lot because I love them. If you stop by there be sure to pick up a box of the chocolate dipped cookies, literally out of this world good.

Another great trip for the books. My hope is to compile all our trip memories into a book we can keep and look back on. But if you want to check out all the pics I shot, take a look at my Flickr. If you're headed for SF or have already been, drop a comment on your favorite places to visit, stay, and eat!

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