April 5, 2014

My Dream Swimsuit

I have found my dream swimsuit you guys!!! It is literally perfect. The perfectness comes from it being a loose fitting seersucker, but best of all, it comes in an underwired D-Cup! This is heaven for me. Being a 34D has its curses. (If you are well endowed, you totally understand this.) When beach season rolls around, it makes finding bathing suits a nightmare. Finding a suit that is cute and yet still supports the girls and keeps them under control feels almost impossible. But all those years of stressing is over! I found the diamond in the rough!

 Gosh, can you say adorable?! It also comes in peach, which I think I will end up getting because they don't have the blue in my size. {I ended up buying the peach top and the blue bottoms and it looks FAB together}

So thank you J.Crew for helping us ladies out. Bravo.

Ladies, shop J.Crew's "D-Cup" line of swimsuits. They are great quality and won't wear out like the cheap ones that aren't as cute and don't provide enough support. They also have a "Short Torso" and "Long Torso" line {scroll down}.

Shop this suit:

Hope suit shopping goes well!

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